Complete Catalog of Classes

Complete Catalog of Classes

I would highly recommend taking Apex Learning courses to other high school students. The caliber of the instructors, administrators, and curriculum is second to none.

Math Courses

AP® Calculus AB
AP® Statistics
Introductory Algebra
Algebra I
Algebra II
Algebra I Common Core
Geometry Common Core
Algebra II Common Core
Mathematics I
Mathematics II
Mathematics III
Mathematics I Common Core
Mathematics II Common Core
Mathematics III Common Core
Florida Algebra I
Florida Algebra I-A
Florida Algebra I-B
Florida Math for College Readiness
Florida Math for College Success
Georgia Coordinate Algebra
Georgia Analytic Geometry
Georgia Advanced Algebra
North Carolina Math I (2016)
North Carolina Math II (2016)
North Carolina Math III (2016)
North Carolina Advanced Functions and Modeling
South Carolina Algebra I
South Carolina Geometry
South Carolina Algebra II
South Carolina Foundations in Algebra
South Carolina Intermediate Algebra
Texas Algebra I
Texas Geometry
Texas Algebra II
Texas Mathematical Models with Applications
Precalculus - Core
Precalculus - Honors
Financial Literacy
Liberal Arts Mathematics 1
Mathematics of Personal Finance
Probability and Statistics
North Carolina Math 3
North Carolina Math 2
Math Foundations I
Math Foundations II

Science Courses

AP® Biology
AP® Chemistry
AP® Psychology
AP® Environmental Science
Texas Biology
Texas Chemistry
Texas Physics
Texas Integrated Physics and Chemistry
Earth Science - Core
Earth Science - Honors
Physical Science - Core
Physical Science - Honors
Biology - Core
Biology - Honors
Chemistry - Core
Chemistry - Honors
Physics - Core
Physics - Honors
Virginia Ecology
Environmental Science
Texas Environmental Systems
Florida Biology
Indiana Integrated Chemistry and Physics
Science Foundations

English Courses

AP® English Language and Composition
AP® English Literature and Composition
Texas English I (2016)
Texas English II (2016)
Texas English III (2016)
English 9 Common Core
English 10 Common Core
English 11 Common Core
Florida English IV: College Prep
Florida Reading for College Success
Florida Writing for College Success
English 12 Common Core
Reading Skills and Strategies
Texas English IV (2016)
Writing Skills and Strategies
Creative Writing
Media Literacy
English 9 - Core
English 9 - Honors
English 10 - Core
English 10 - Honors
English 11 - Core
English 11 - Honors
English 12 - Core
English 12 - Honors
Texas English III
Texas English IV
English Foundations I
English Foundations II

Social Studies Courses

AP® Macroeconomics *
AP® Microeconomics *
AP® U.S. History
AP® U.S. Government and Politics
Texas World Geography
Texas World History
Texas U.S. History
Geography and World Cultures - Core
Geography and World Cultures - Honors
World History - Core
World History - Honors
World History to the Renaissance - Core
World History to the Renaissance - Honors
World History since the Renaissance (2015)
U.S. History - Core
U.S. History - Honors
U.S. History to the Civil War - Core
U.S. History to the Civil War - Honors
U.S. History since the Civil War - Core
U.S. History since the Civil War - Honors
U.S. Government and Politics - Core
U.S. Government and Politics - Honors
U.S. and Global Economics - Core
U.S. and Global Economics - Honors
Florida Economics with Financial Literacy
Multicultural Studies
North Carolina American History I
North Carolina American History II
North Carolina Civics and Economics
Modern World History from 1600
Modern World History from 1450
Texas Personal Financial Literacy

World Languages Courses

AP® Spanish Language
Mandarin Chinese I
Mandarin Chinese II
French I - Core
French I - Honors
French II - Core
French II - Honors
German I
German II
Latin I
Latin II
Spanish I - Core
Spanish I - Honors
Spanish II - Core
Spanish II - Honors
Spanish III

Fine Arts Courses

Art Appreciation
Music Appreciation

PE/Health Courses

Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)
Health Abstinence
Health Extended
Physical Education

Career/College Courses

College and Career Preparation I
College and Career Preparation II

Career and Technical Education Courses

Business Applications
Introduction to Health Science
Information Technology Applications
Intermediate Health Science
Introduction to Business and Marketing
Intermediate Business and Marketing
South Carolina Computer Applications

Exam Prep

AP® Biology - Exam Review
AP® Chemistry - Exam Review
AP® Psychology - Exam Review
AP® Environmental Science - Exam Review
AP® English Language and Composition - Exam Review
AP® English Literature and Composition - Exam Review
AP® U.S. Government and Politics - Exam Review
AP® U.S. History - Exam Review
AP® Macroeconomics - Exam Review
AP® Microeconomics - Exam Review
AP® Spanish Language - Exam Review
AP® Calculus AB - Exam Review
AP® Statistics - Exam Review