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Summer School

Skills for Success

Prepare for fall classes by strengthening reading, writing, and math skills this summer.

Strong reading, writing, and math skills boost students’ self-confidence and set them on the path to success in high school. Online summer school courses from Apex Learning Virtual School offer flexible, self-paced opportunities for students to catch up and become better prepared academically. Integrated support and practice provide timely guidance and help students improve skills.

Strengthen important skills with the online alternative that allows students to learn on a flexible summer schedule.

Take advantage of an individualized, supported approach.

With online learning at Apex Learning VS, students get effective review and reinforcement of important basic skills.

Multimedia presentations address all learning styles. Ongoing assessments with instant feedback help students maintain a successful pace by keeping them informed about when to spend more time on a particular skill as well as when to move along more quickly. Expert teachers provide students with individualized support and encouragement.

Develop stronger reading, writing, and math skills.

Students can become more confident and ready for the challenges of high school academics by taking our summer Foundations online courses to reinforce important skills for high school and beyond.

Skills learned in grades 3 to 8 are remediated and reinforced with rich multimedia content that is engaging for students ages 13 and up. And experienced online teachers support and encourage individual student progress every step of the way.