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Frequently Asked Questions

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This FAQ is a guide for parents purchasing courses for their students.
For schools, visit www.apexlearning.com.

  • 1.Accreditation
  • Is Apex Learning Virtual School accredited?


    Apex Learning Virtual School is committed to high standards, academic excellence, and success for all students. Since 1999, Apex Learning has been accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), an accreditation division of AdvancEd. This certificate of accreditation recognizes Apex Learning for promoting and maintaining a well-balanced educational program and for exceeding standards considered essential for quality education.

  • Is the Apex Learning Virtual School program approved by the NCAA?


    Apex Learning VS courses with instruction provided by Apex Learning teachers have been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as meeting the requirements for the initial-eligibility certification status for high school student-athletes wishing to compete in college. Please visit the NCAA Eligibility Center and enter “481142” as the NCAA High School Code to review the list of NCAA-approved courses.

  • Is Apex Learning Virtual School UC approved?


    The University of California (UC) has certified Apex Learning standards-based courses in "a-g" instructional areas to fully prepare students for first-year university programs.

    For more information, visit the UC Doorways site. Enter “Apex Learning” into the Institution Name field to view approved courses.

  • 2.Pricing
  • How much do individual courses cost?


    Individual courses cost $350 per semester. Materials (if required) are additional. AP Exam Review is $89 per course or $25 when purchased with an AP course.

  • Do students need to purchase textbooks?


    Required or optional materials are listed by course in the online catalog. If required, “Course Materials” will appear under “Course Syllabus” on the course description page. These materials can be purchased at any retail establishment or at the Apex Learning bookstore.

  • 3.Course Enrollment
  • How do students know what courses to take?


    Students can talk to their guidance counselor at their school to find out what courses are needed to meet graduation requirements. The syllabus for each course can be found in the course catalog.

  • How do students register for courses?


    To enroll, students go to the online catalog. Choose a course, add it to the shopping cart, and continue with the checkout process. You will receive an email with instructions after the registration has been received.

  • When can students start the courses?


    Courses start every Monday, year-round. The online registration deadline is the Monday prior to the requested start date.

  • How long does each course last?


    A semester lasts up to 18 weeks. During the summer term (May – July), the semester course duration is up to nine weeks.

  • Can students accelerate and finish courses faster?


    Courses are self-paced, and students may work ahead of schedule to complete a course.

  • Are courses different during the summer term?


    Courses from our catalog are available year-round, and the course content is the same for summer school. Typically, the summer term course duration is nine weeks; however, the standard 18-week duration is available upon request.

  • 4.Course Structure
  • What is the workload like?


    The amount of time students will spend varies by course. The time commitment is similar to what a student might spend in class at a local high school. See specific information here: Pathways.

  • Can students work at their own pace? Do assignments have due dates?


    With 24/7 access to the learning platform, students are able to work at their own pace. They can work ahead of schedule and are not held back by the assignment calendar. Deadlines and due dates for assignments and tests keep students on track. Each student has his or her own calendar that indicates due dates. Apex Learning Virtual School provides students the tools to complete their course on time and with the best chance of academic success.

  • How do courses work?


    Students complete courses through an online learning platform, where they work at their own pace toward scheduled due dates. A teacher facilitates each course at a distance.
    Students engage and interact with multimedia content, practice skills, and check their understanding through ongoing assessments. Each course contains computer-scored and teacher-scored activities and tests that are submitted electronically.

    Students have 24/7 access to the course content and are not required to be online at a specific time, unless they wish to take advantage of their teacher’s posted office hours or virtual whiteboard sessions.

  • Will students have a live teacher?


    Yes. With an average of 21 years of teaching experience — seven of those years online — Apex Learning Virtual School teachers provide expertise students can rely on. Instructors get to know students well so that the support and challenge provided are truly individualized. Teachers monitor students’ progress to ensure students understand concepts, and continually guide students to improve important problem-solving and communication skills.

  • 5.Course Progress and Credit
  • Will students get credit for courses taken via Apex Learning Virtual School? Will local schools accept these courses?


    Prior to registering for an Apex Learning VS course, students should ensure their local high school will provide credit after the online class has been successfully completed. Apex Learning VS provides a Course Credit Authorization Form to assist with this process. This document provides information local schools can use to provide credit for Apex Learning Virtual School courses. Click here to receive the Course Credit Authorization Form and visit our Credits and Transcripts page to learn more.

    After a student has completed his or her course,they can request a transcript to be emailed or mailed to their school through our partner, Parchment. See the “Request a Transcript” section of the Credits and Transcripts page. The school, as the credit-granting institution, may then add the grade to the student’s official transcript and assign appropriate credit.

  • Can parents and guardians receive progress reports for a student’s course?


    While a student is enrolled in a course, a weekly progress report is emailed to a designated academic coach. The coach is a responsible adult, such as a parent, who helps the student remain on track and stay motivated. The coach could also be a school staff member if enrollment is initiated through the recommendation of a local school. The coach can use this easy-to-read report as a tool to monitor student progress.

  • Can students earn a diploma at Apex Learning Virtual School?


    Yes. Apex Learning Virtual School is a fully accredited private high school. Students can apply to Apex Learning Virtual School to earn a college preparatory diploma through the full-time program. Details can be found here.