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Learn about our enrollment policies.

The following cancellation policy applies to the purchase of individual course enrollments in the Apex Learning Virtual School. In accordance with the cancellation policy, any credit granted must be used toward future enrollments.No refunds are given.

Cancellation policy for individual courses

  • Withdrawal prior to course start date: 100% credit toward a future course enrollment
  • Withdrawal 1-28 days after course start date: A $75 non-refundable administration fee will be subtracted from a 100% course credit.
  • Withdrawal 29 days or more after course start date: No credit

To officially withdraw a student from an online course, an e-mail must be sent from the parent or guardian to the Apex Learning Virtual School support team at: alvs.support@apexlearning.com. Note: There is no credit for or return of course materials purchased through the Apex Learning Bookstore.

Extension policy

Apex Learning Virtual School may allow brief course extensions for qualifying students. For more information contact Apex Learning Virtual School support at alvs.support@apexlearning.com.

Important information about enrollment

  • Enrollment consists of a student enrolled in a one-semester course.
  • Enrollments are accepted on a continual basis.
  • One semester includes 18 calendar weeks of instruction. Summer semester include 9 calendar weeks of instruction.
  • Required and optional books and course materials can be purchased through the Apex Learning Bookstore or any retailer.
  • To accommodate winter holidays, no work will be due from December 24 to January 1.

For enrollment assistance, call 855-550-2547 to speak with an Apex Learning Virtual School representative today or e-mail alvs@apexlearning.com.

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