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Full-Time School


Achieve the highest level of academic success with all the benefits of online learning.

The Apex Learning Virtual School comprehensive college prep program offers what you would expect from the finest private school: a rigorous curriculum, expert teachers, and experience in preparing students for a prestigious college. In addition, full-time students get all the benefits of our online learning environment, including individualized instruction, multimedia presentation of content, and a vibrant community. It all adds up to a personalized, academically excellent high school education that thoroughly prepares students for success in college and beyond.

The Apex Learning VS full-time program challenges students to reach their highest potential as learners, thinkers, and communicators.

A rigorous online curriculum that challenges and prepares

Each of our accredited online courses meets high academic expectations for a college-bound student, including options to enroll in honors and Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses. Maximizing learning gains, instruction in each course is designed to take advantage of research-based best practices for effective teaching. And it doesn’t end there — innovative options such as Interdisciplinary Project courses challenge students to research, interview, explore, create, and collaborate to solve real-world problems.

Experienced educators who engage and inspire

We believe educators are key to “making the difference” in high school student motivation and success. That is why we choose only the most dedicated, experienced educators to interact with our students.

  • Teachers: With an average of 25 years of teaching experience, nine of those online, Apex Learning VS instructors have a passion for teaching. Most have master’s degrees or higher in their subjects. Through online group discussions, feedback for individual assignments, and one-to-one interactions, our teachers support, challenge, and engage students in the subjects they love.
  • Coaches: Each student at Apex Learning VS has an assigned coach who monitors overall experience and performance and regularly interacts with the student to support successful progress.
  • Guidance and college counselors: Proactive, experienced high school counselors have the time to get to know each student well. They work with individuals to build the best plan for their academic success at Apex Learning VS and to prepare them for college admissions.

Counselors help each student find the right path.

At Apex Learning VS, the education experience is closely aligned with each student’s aspirations, interests, and learning style. Course selection fits personal learning needs and academic goals. A flexible schedule lets students start any time of year, complete courses in a traditional or block format, and engage in daily coursework at times that are best for them.

And most importantly for learning gains, daily instruction is individualized. Students progress through a course at their own pace, speeding up when they “get it” and taking time to review or get extra help as needed. Multimedia content presentations support multiple learning styles. One-to-one interactions with online teachers offer motivation and support customized to each student’s needs.

A community providing a sense of belonging

At Apex Learning VS, school spirit is high. Students engage in online discussions to deepen their understanding of concepts and learn from each other. Online clubs and activities are encouraged to form around mutual interests and develop meaningful connections between students.

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