Full-Time School

Our Advantage

Get an exceptional, individualized college preparatory education from our online private school.

We offer the academic excellence of the finest private school combined with all the learning advantages of our enhanced online education. Interact one-to-one with teachers dedicated to each student’s success. Collaborate with other engaged students. Benefit from a school spirit that flows from the love of scholarship and the community it creates.

The Apex Learning VS online school maximizes every student’s learning potential.

Our Advantages

Apex Learning Virtual School students achieve their graduation and college goals through accredited online learning.

  • Personalized college prep supported by extraordinary educators
    All elements of the Apex Learning VS program work together to ensure all students get the exceptional education they deserve. Learning success at Apex Learning VS starts with a personalized learning plan that matches online course selections and schedule to each student’s goals and needs. Our accredited curriculum provides options to meet each student’s need, including Honors and Advanced Placement® (AP®courses. With NCAA-approved courses, young athletes have the flexibility to start at any time of year. Students complete course work at the time and place that fits with each individual’s training and travel. The pace to complete a course can be accelerated as needed to meet deadlines. Along the way, expert teachers and counselors proactively assist each individual to reach academic and college goals.
  • Respect for each student’s originality
    At Apex Learning VS, teachers and counselors forge strong relationships with students, fostering students’ academic progress and personal development. For instance, experienced teachers mentor students to conceive and complete real-world focused Interdisciplinary Projects. Counselors start special interest–focused clubs.
  • Engaging, contemporary online learning
    Flexible course selections, individualized pacing, and customizable schedules are well-known benefits of online learning. Apex Learning VS offers all of these—and much more. Our integrated use of multimedia taps into the way today’s high school students learn best and offers an ideal introduction to what they’ll experience at college. In addition, students gain the valuable skills of communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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