5 Tips for Summer School Success

Usually summer is a time when kids are outside participating in sports activities, camps and swimming in the local pool. There is no doubt this summer will be a different experience as many camps are not opening, pools are closed and a majority of team sporting events and activities are cancelled.

With all of these changes, you may be looking for new ideas to keep your child busy and occupied. Taking online summer school could be a good option for them to pursue a new hobby, catch up on school they missed, or take a class to get ahead for next school year.

Below we share several different ways online learning could benefit your student and a few tips to help them succeed. You can also learn more about the ALVS summer school offerings here.

1. Start as soon as possible.

We know that there is still a lot of uncertainty about what is happening next school year, but students who get started earlier in the summer are less stressed and more successful in their courses. The more time your child has to finish their course(s) over the summer, the better.

2. Make a schedule and keep things consistent.

You may have already learned that creating a consistent school schedule at home has been essential to keep your student on track during school closures this spring. Typically sports and extra curriculars help establish priorities and create a structure for the long days at home during the summer.

Taking a summer school class or two could help you create that structure. We’ve heard from parents and students that our online courses have helped them create structure when regular activities were interrupted due to the pandemic.

“I just want to say thank you for a relatively stress-free semester of pre-calculus for my son. It was great to have something consistent through this pandemic.” – Jill Alavi, parent

If you do sign your child up for summer school, it’s important to support them by setting short-term goals, such as how many activities to complete each day, to help them stay on track.

3. Ask for support.

Our team of online tutors is ready to support your student in real-time on weekdays from 5 a.m. – 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Plus, our experienced online teachers and student services specialists will provide you and your child the support they need to succeed this summer. If your child gets behind, we are here to help them make a plan to catch up.

4. Get ahead or pursue a new interest.

Taking a world language, Health, or PE course over the summer can help make more room in your child’s schedule next fall for other activities. By taking a course during the summer, students not only fill a gap in their time, but they could open up an opportunity to pursue something else next year. Is your child interested in geology, American history, or pursuing a world language? This summer might be the time to pursue one of those hobbies and learn a new skill while they’re at it.

5. Circumvent learning loss.

It goes without saying that the events of last spring have had an impact on much of the country’s students and affected their learning in a variety of different ways. One way to ensure your student stays on grade-level, and ready for the fall, is to support them with supplemental learning.

With Tutorials, your student can close learning gaps and increase mastery without having to take a full course. Whether they are working at grade-level or looking to gain confidence, Tutorials can be used as a supplement for extra practice or even to prepare your middle schooler for high school academics this fall.

Whatever you decide to do, staying safe and healthy is a priority. If we can help in any way to support your student during the summer, let us know. You can check out the full list of courses available here: https://www.apexlearningvs.com/course-catalog/.

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