Apex Learning Virtual School Announces 10 Scholarship Winners

We are so excited to announce that 10 winners have been selected for our Jack Rousso Scholarship for Accessible Education through Technology!

Every spring, summer, and fall term, we select new or current part-time ALVS students as recipients of this scholarship. The students we select exemplify a passion for academic achievement through technology and resourcefulness in overcoming setbacks, including the numerous challenges that have arisen from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The winning students also demonstrate the desire to motivate and challenge themselves to reach their academic, educational, and career goals, which is a core value of Apex Learning Virtual School.

This scholarship is dedicated to former teacher Jack Rousso and his commitment to serve the unique, individual spirit within each of the thousands of students he taught during his tenure from 2004-2017.

This term, the scholarship committee had the difficult task of narrowing down 56 applicants to just 10 winners. The 10 students we selected really stood out for their application, video, and letters of recommendation. The winners received two tuition-free semester courses (a $700 value).

We encourage you to check out these incredibly inspiring application videos.

Several of the winners share how the scholarship will improve their lives:

“I have been waiting for a long time to study U.S. History and this scholarship would help me do that and set me up for success in my academic future.” – Kelly Matlock, Sophomore

“In high school I had a lot of distractions, and I wasn’t taking school seriously. I realized that I needed to change my actions to show my two little brothers a better example. This scholarship will give me a second chance and allow me an opportunity to get my GPA up and allow me to do better in the future.” – Christian Oliver, Senior

“This scholarship would help me a lot because I have a single mother whose job is uncertain right now due to the whole pandemic. It would help me get to where I want to go. I could volunteer a lot more and put a lot more money toward my volunteering, and I could get a really good education.”  – Olivia Paul, Senior

“By taking courses through Apex, I hope to gain key insights knowledge and skills that will pave the way for me to operate and grow a successful, expansive and effective NGO. By obtaining this scholarship, I will be one step closer to helping those in need and one step closer to serving the community where I grew up. I am, and will be forever grateful to the business who gave us a chance, and now I will commit myself to the same endeavor.” – Ryan Ziyuan Qu, Sophomore

Summer 2020 Jack Rousso Scholarship Winners

  • Sasha Jacobson
  • Kelly Matlock
  • Christian Oliver
  • Olivia Paul
  • Ryan Ziyuan Qu
  • Evelyn Pazos Ramirez
  • Collen Robertson
  • Ria Sethi
  • Kam’Ryn Thomas
  • Jailen Weaver

To learn more about how your student can apply to be a Jack Rousso Scholarship recipient next term, be sure to follow us on social media! If your student is a full-time ALVS student, they are eligible to apply for the Jack Babani Scholarship for Individual Achievement. Learn more at: https://www.apexlearningvs.com/scholarships/.