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Full-Time School

Application & Enrollment

Ready to apply to our online high school? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete our online application.
  2. Using our Transcript Request Form, fill out your Parent/guardian and student information and send the completed form to your student’s previous school(s) of record.
  3. Within one week from receiving your transcript and online application, ALVS will send you a comprehensive credit evaluation that outlines your student’s academic standing and suggested courses for enrollment with ALVS.

Since ALVS offers weekly enrollments throughout the year, we pride ourselves on our efficiency to meet your student’s needs in a time-sensitive manner. If you have questions about the Full Time Program, feel free to reach out to our Program Coordinator at david.corby@apexlearning.com.

Annual tuition is $6,875

Payment plans and

Scholarships are available.

Our Online Experience – FAQs

Curriculum & Content
The mission of ALVS is to provide students with an exceptional educational experience. That’s why we place so much focus on developing a curriculum that meets the highest scholastic standards. Each comprehensive course is developed by a team of experts — curriculum professionals, instructional designers, subject-matter experts, and assessment specialists — who collaborate to challenge and motivate students.

ALVS’s courses are developed to cover the college preparatory content that students need to master, and because we provide interactive supports and scaffolds to access that content and learn from it, our online students are consistently successful.

Personalized Scheduling
In our online private high school academy, full-time students at Apex Learning Virtual School’s receive a personalized learning program depending on individual abilities. Our personal touch is what sets this program apart from the rest. When students receive the one-on-one individualized attention they deserve, there’s no telling how successful they will be.

A student’s educational experience is personalized immediately upon enrollment. Experienced guidance counselors work with each student and their adult advocate to determine the level of rigor and number of courses. A challenging, but manageable course load is designed for each student. Throughout enrollment, guidance counselors review progress and share best practices and strategies to support high student achievement within our program. Frequent communication is made between students, parents, and instructors to offer schedule support and academic enrichment.

Parental Support
We provide parents and guardians with their own personal account to monitor their student and view course content.  Parents and guardians have access to the same content their students are studying and can see what work the student has completed and grades for those assignments.

In addition, a weekly progress report is emailed to designated adults for the duration of the course.  Designated adults – we call them coaches – can be parents, guardians, local school staff, tutors, or mentors.  These reports enable the coach to help their student stay on track and motivated.  ALVS research shows that adult engagement is a key indicator of success for online students.