ALVS National Honor Society Ceremony

National Honor Society Commencement Ceremony

“To me, being apart of the National Honor Society means that I am a leader both inside and outside of the classroom. As a member, I would like to help others speak out for what they believe in, creating leaders in my community. This organization will allow me to make a difference in the society we live in today.” – Reese D., ALVS diploma student and NHS member

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Swearing In Our Honor Students


On a Friday afternoon, students from all over the country leaned closer to their speakers to hear a voice from a cloudy Seattle office.

“It is our honor to welcome you into the nation’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition program: the National Honor Society,” says Joseph O’Leary, Guidance Counselor at Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS).

The staff at ALVS and proud parents around the country applaud as the first members of the ALVS chapter of the National Honor Society place their induction medals around their necks. It’s a moment of celebration that symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter and a connection to a storied history of leadership and service.

Since 1921, the National Honor Society (NHS) has served as the one of the nation’s most prestigious organizations that recognizes outstanding high school students. It’s estimated today that more than one million students participate in NHS activities.

With chapters in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada, NHS represents a platform for leadership and service that expands beyond borders.

As defined by the NHS, four main purposes have guided the creation of each new chapter:

  • to create enthusiasm for scholarship
  • to stimulate a desire to render service
  • to promote leadership
  • and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.

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At ALVS, you don’t have to look far to find students who exhibit these characteristics.

Our inaugural eight inductees represented a student body of impressive stature. We welcomed to our chapter Junior Olympian gymnasts, competitive hockey players, national golf champions and international skaters.

To become a member of the ALVS chapter of the National Honor Society, students needed to be enrolled in Grades 10-12; have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher; demonstrate excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, and character; and be selected by a majority vote of the faculty council.

All of the inductees are linked by an ability to demonstrate leadership and excellence in both academia and in their respective pursuits outside of school. Our newest NHS members have committed to continue the tradition of scholarship and service among secondary schools, and we at ALVS are ready to support them along the way.

Though every student at ALVS has come to our school for a different reason, the National Honor Society represents an opportunity for ALVS students to work together to create a community of leadership and service outside of class.

With students located across the country, NHS members of ALVS will have the unique ability to engage in community projects that will serve to create a positive impact across the nation. In addition, our NHS members will receive access to college admissions support, scholarship opportunities, and leadership development resources to further enhance their abilities to create positive change at the next level.

As the induction ceremony comes to a close, students recite the words to the NHS membership pledge in unison. While they collectively agree to maintain the high standards set forth by the NHS, their commitment to the principles of scholarship, leadership, service, and character hang in the air.

At ALVS, we know that the success of a student is not only measured by grades in a classroom, but by the impact they leave on this world. Please join us in celebrating inaugural 2018 ALVS chapter of the National Honor Society!

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The National Honors Society is very important to me because I deeply care about my education and future. Due to my busy sports and travel schedule, a traditional class setting doesn’t work for me. Apex allows me to focus on both, my education and my athletics. I may now work around my team schedule and maintain good grades so I may get into a good college. Being on National Honors Society is important because it validates dedication, hard work and the importance of education. Most of my elite ice hockey teammates struggle with school and barely graduate due to low grades. As captain of my ice hockey team and National Honors Society member, I can now be the example that anything is possible.

I feel honored to represent Apex and the National Honors Society. Being a role model to others in my community and around the world is important to me. I strive on and off the ice to represent good morals and values and to show how important it is to never give up, to give 110% in all you do and most importantly to LOVE what you do.