ALVS Scholarships for Online High School Full-Time Tuition ($1,000 award)

In Honor of Jack Babani, Beloved Math Teacher & Administrator

The best teacher is one whose lessons can be applied outside of the confines of the classroom.

If you talk to anyone who knew Jack Babani, you’ll probably hear some of the same phrases used to describe him: animated, gregarious, infectiously positive, just to name a few. For a man equally as good with mathematical concepts as he was with people, Babani had a unique ability to engage those around him to find joy in the little moments that make up life. His legacy lives on through the countless “Babani Stories” shared by students and co-workers who were impacted over the years by his work.

About the Jack Babani Scholarship

In the year 1999, Babani joined Apex Learning as the first Director of Instruction and founding Administrator of Apex Learning Virtual School. Though the environment changed, the positive presence Babani brought to work each day never did. His commitment to challenge those around him to reach their full potential will continue on for generations to come through the Jack Babani Online High School Scholarship for Individual Achievement.

The Jack Babani scholarship will be awarded annually to two students attending our full-time school