ALVS Scholarships for Individual Online High School Courses ($700 award)

In Honor of Jack Rousso, Favorite Social Studies Teacher & Department Chair

As a teacher at Apex Learning Virtual School, one of the greatest compliments you can receive comes in the form of a request to be a student’s teacher.

Throughout his time with ALVS, Jack received countless petitions from students and families across the country who wanted Mr. Rousso to be their Social Studies teacher. The desire to work with Jack extended beyond just students, and his role as a Department Head allowed his mentorship to leave a positive impact on all ALVS teachers and staff.

Jack Rousso
Jack began teaching with Apex Learning Virtual School in 2004 while still working as a teacher at Roosevelt High School in Seattle. He viewed teaching as an invaluable gift to share, and through his work thousands of students became privileged recipients of his educational approach. In 2012 Jack became the Social Studies Department Chair for ALVS, and over the next six years his witty personality and constant quest for learning transformed students’ apathy into curiosity and nurtured the belief that education extends far beyond the classroom.

About the Jack Rousso Scholarship

Though Jack’s guidance as an educator, mentor and friend is missed terribly, his presence at ALVS lives on through the requests that we continue to receive from students and families who still ask to be placed in Mr. Rousso’s Social Studies class. In honor of Jack’s commitment to make education accessible and engaging for all students, Apex Learning Virtual School is proud to announce the Jack Rousso Scholarship for Accessible Education Through Technology.

Each spring, summer, and fall term, two students will be awarded the Jack Rousso Scholarship for two tuition-free semester courses (a $700 value). Scholarships will be awarded to new or current part-time students who exemplify a passion for academic achievement through technology and resourcefulness in overcoming setbacks.

How to Apply for the Jack Rousso Scholarship

Scholarship applications for the Fall 2018 are due July 1st, 2018. The application asks students to include a short video submission and a recommendation form from a teacher, counselor, or administrator.

Please direct questions about this scholarship to Student Services via email at alvs@apexlearning.comor phone at 1-855-550-2547.

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As the product of two teachers, David Corby was always destined for a career in education. His pursuits led him from expanding college access in Portland to serving as an elementary school teacher in the Dominican Republic, and he eventually found himself continuing his education through Graduate studies at Seattle Pacific University. As the Program Coordinator for the Full-Time Apex Learning Virtual School, David is grateful to work with a team that offers a unique educational experience for students in need.