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About Our School

ALVS Online High School

Our online high school is a fully accredited, private, high school academy that offers full- and part-time options to students who need a high quality, alternative education.  Two-thirds of our students are referred by their schools or  other families, and they choose ALVS for:


Over 100,000 students have passed our nationally accredited courses and received course credits from their school of record.  ALVS students have a 90% passing rate, and they do better than the national average in subsequent related courses.

Live Academic Support

admissionsStudents shouldn’t have to wait 24 to 48 hours for help!   ALVS students get the support they need, when they need it. Real-time support with ALVS teachers and tutors also includes text and video chats.


Our acclaimed courses center on active, personalized learning: Students learn by doing–at their own pace–and are motivated to complete their coursework. Educational tools such as text to speech, simulations, and study guides are built into every course to help all students achieve learning success.  Students are also supported by a full team of adults including teachers, counselors, coaches, and tutors.

Full Time Students

Enroll as a full time student in ALVS and become part of an exciting new kind of private school. We offer the academic excellence of the finest private schools, combined with all the advantages of online education.

Click to view or save the pdfTake advantage of a flexible schedule to complete high school courses at home and on the road. Our NCAA approved courses, combined with teacher and tutor support, are perfect for student-athletes.  We also work with families of medically fragile students, as well as students traveling abroad.