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Middle School Academy

Online School for Middle School  

Something Different for Exceptional Students 

Is traditional middle school not working for your student? Are they dealing with social, emotional, or medical challenges? Or, are they gifted in academics, sports, or the performing arts? To thrive, your student may need a different kind of school. 

Our online school for middle school is a great option if your student needs to:  

  • accelerate academically by working ahead of grade level at their own pace. 
  • continue their studies while homeschooling or living internationally.
  • treat medical conditions by being able to freely schedule medical appointments and time to rest. 
  • alleviate bullying or social anxiety by working independently in a safe place. 
  • pursue their passions by flexing schoolwork around extracurricular activities. 

Tuition for Full-Time Middle School 

Annual tuition for our full-time middle school is $4,750 per year. Our school year is a full 12 months and your student will be enrolled in five credits (a total of ten semester courses).  

Payment plans are available. A discount for 15% off tuition is available for siblings and military families. 

Get started anytime – Apply today!

Support for Students 

When you choose our online school for middle school, we surround you and your student with support. Even though your student works independently, they are not alone. 

First impressions are important, especially to middle schoolers. That’s why we’ll walk your student through how to get started in their online courses during our new student orientation. If your student has questions about how to navigate their course they can reach out to our friendly and responsive Student Services team via phone, email, and chat.