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Online High School Course Description

Prerequisites: English 10


In our English 11 Honors online high school course, students examine the belief systems, events, and literature that have shaped the United States. They begin by studying the language of independence and the system of government developed by Thomas Jefferson and other enlightened thinkers. Next, they explore how the Romantics and Transcendentalists emphasized the power and responsibility of the individual in both supporting and questioning the government. Students consider whether the American Dream is still achievable and examine the Modernists’ disillusionment with the idea that America is a “land of opportunity.”

Reading the words of Frederick Douglass and the text of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, students look carefully at the experience of African Americans and their struggle to achieve equal rights. In addition, students explore how an individual copes with the influence of war and cultural tension while trying to build and secure a personal identity. Finally, students examine how technology affects our contemporary experie