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World Languages

Engage in language learning with interactive courses and cultural context.

Girl studying in a cafeLearn a world language through comprehensive courses supported by experienced teachers. Engaging courses offer valuable and consistent opportunities to speak, read, write, and listen to each of the world languages.

  • World Languages courses include Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, and Latin.
  • Active learning helps immerse students in new languages through purposeful use of videos, voice, animation, and music.

Our world languages courses prepare high school students for global interactions of the 21st century.

Rigorous online curriculum that challenges and prepares

Our world languages courses meet high expectations for academic excellence.  Not only in our online curriculum, but also in student interactions with experienced, language-proficient teachers. Additionally, the instructional design of the courses takes advantage of research-based best practices for effective language teaching.

Cultural insights and opportunities

Our courses create excitement for the language through fun and relevant cultural online activities. Moreover, students gain a deeper understanding of other cultures through analysis and comparisons of cultural practices and perspectives. Also, each course makes extensive use of content that is read and materials that are written for and by native language speakers – to create a curriculum that is both challenging and interesting.