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When high school students need to complete an Advanced Placement® course, retake a credit, or supplement a homeschool curriculum, they find the online course that meets their needs at Apex Learning Virtual School. Each student experiences just the right level of challenge and support needed to succeed. Parents are ensured that our comprehensive content fully prepares students for the next course, the AP® exam, and college.

Choose from 100+ courses and start any week of the year.

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College Credit and classes. Get your credit or credits here

The Apex Learning courses are fantastic! They helped our 11th grader earn high school credit while our family was living in France. — Nancy S., Parent

Expert Teachers

An experienced teacher interacts one-to-one with students in each course.

Engage & Individualize

Animations, simulations, and audio help students visualize concepts.


We offer the approved online courses to meet a wide range of goals.