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At Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS), students work independently—but they are not alone. Your student will be supported by certified teachers, dedicated school counselors and success advisors. Our student services team understands your student’s unique goals and collaborates with your family to chart a clear path to academic success.

Image of Courtney Acosta Ed.D.

Courtney Acosta Ed.D.

Head of School

Dr. Acosta has spent her career ensuring that students receive a high-quality education and the support to succeed. Starting as a science teacher, she advanced to assistant principal, principal and chief of operations for Advanced Academics, Career and Technology Education, Counseling Services, School Safety and Operations. Dr. Acosta knows the importance of supporting students’ academic and personal growth to help them achieve their potential.

Image of Shannon Arczynski

Shannon Arczynski

Admissions Team Supervisor

From the onset of her career, Shannon Arczynski has championed equitable education. Her role as a committed English teacher and yearbook advisor laid a strong foundation, leading her to discover a genuine passion for collaborating with educators and spearheading impactful professional development initiatives. Shannon treasures the rich tapestry of students' diverse backgrounds, striving to unlock the boundless potential within each student, fostering a thriving, inclusive educational environment for all.

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