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Career and Technical Education

Apex Learning career and technical education (CTE) courses connect state, industry, and national standards with real-world skills to prepare students for success in their careers and further education.

About Apex Learning CTE Courses

Apex Learning career and technical education (CTE) courses provide high school students with practical skills and knowledge that they can apply to a wide range of careers. Including accounting, business, healthcare, and college and career readiness, ALVS offers courses that prepare learners for the workforce of the future. Our interactive and dynamic approach to learning makes CTE at ALVS both engaging and educational. Apex Learning CTE courses ensure that your child is:

Prepared for the Future

ALVS CTE courses are designed with state and national standards in mind to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce or postsecondary education.

Engaged in Learning

Apex Learning courses immerse students in interactive, multimedia learning with videos, simulations, and real-world projects to encourage them to engage with the material and apply what they have learned.

Confident in Knowledge and Skills

Courses allow students to apply what they have learned and receive immediate feedback on their performance to identify areas where they may need additional support.

Equipped for Critical Thinking

Students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills as they apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and analyze different perspectives on career-related issues.

Provided with Tools to Learn Effectively

Built-in support tools are offered in every course to help students break down the material whenever and wherever they might need help.

Supported by Certified Teachers

Every Apex Learning course includes help from experienced certified teachers who provide encouragement and individualized feedback on graded assignments to motivate, challenge, and keep students on track.

Career and Technical Education Courses

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