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Tips for Computation

  • Show your work. For free-response questions, be sure to show all the steps of your work so the reader can see that your answers are supported by the appropriate calculations. Do this even when using a calculator. Show the mathematical equations and appropriate mathematical notation, not just calculator commands.
  • Plan ahead and don’t skip questions. On the free-response portion of the statistics test, have a plan for the order in which you will answer the questions. Know which questions are worth more and make sure you prioritize completing them. For instance, always make a serious attempt on the investigative task.
  • Proceed even if you don’t know the answer to one section. If a question has multiple parts and you can’t answer the first part but need it to solve the rest of the problem, make up an answer and then use that made-up answer correctly throughout the rest of the problem. You will get credit for the correct work you did and face a deduction only on the part you missed.

Additional Tips for Success on the AP Exam

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