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Individual Courses

Our Advantage

Enroll in our premier online high school to earn individual course credits on a flexible schedule.

Whether students need to complete an Advanced Placement® course, retake a credit, or supplement a homeschool curriculum, they find an appropriate Apex Learning Virtual School online option starting any time of year. Families recommend Apex Learning VS because of the academic success it achieves through its unique combination of flexible schedules, expert online teachers, and academically excellent courses.

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Our Advantage

Apex Learning Virtual School students achieve their graduation and college goals through accredited online learning.

  • Course options to match individual needs
    Students can select one of three learning pathways to meet their individual learning needs and goals: Advanced Placement (AP®)Honors, or Core. The instruction integrates the appropriate level of challenge and support to maximize learning successes for each student.
  • Engaging and motivating instruction
    High school students are already drawn to interacting with content online. Apex Learning VS incorporates multimedia into all online instruction. Audio recordings, animations, formative exercises, and interactive simulations make the content engaging and take advantage of students’ learning style strengths. Students move through the instruction at their own pace and get instant feedback on their progress, adding to learning gains.
  • One-to-one support from dedicated teachers
    With an average of 21 years of teaching experience – 9 of those years online – our teachers provide expertise you can rely on. Instructors get to know students well so that the support and challenge provided are truly individualized. Teachers monitor students’ progress to ensure they understand concepts and continually guide students to improve important problem solving and communication skills.

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