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Individual Courses

Retake a Course

Take a course for credit again with individualized learning support.

When a student needs to retake a course to earn credits for graduation or to improve a grade, Apex Learning Virtual School is the solution that works. Choose from 100+ accredited online courses. Fit any schedule with flexible start dates and 24/7 access to online instruction. And, most importantly, get just the right support for learning success.

Apex Learning Virtual School students benefit from a combination of academically excellent courses and expert teachers.

Integrated learning support for better outcomes

Apex Learning VS online courses provide instructional options to meet each student’s learning needs. Multiple course pathways – Advanced Placement®, Honors, or Core – offer varying levels of challenge and support. Content presented via multimedia taps into different learning-style strengths and enhances comprehension and recall. These advantages, combined with instant feedback for ongoing assessment, personal pacing, and expert online teachers, work to help students pass the course the second time around.

The right course at the right time

No need to wait for summer school or for a specific class to be offered again. Students start whenever they’re ready and finish at a flexible pace. If it’s mostly review, a student can pick up the pace and finish more quickly.

One-to-one interaction with dedicated teachers

With an average of 21 years of teaching experience – 9 of those years online – our teachers provide expertise you can rely on. Along the way, Apex Learning VS teachers monitor progress to ensure students understand the concepts and step in when students need them to explain the concepts in a new way. Instructors get to know students well so that the support, challenge, and encouragement they provide are truly individualized. The result is even more learning gains.

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