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Individual Courses

Initial Credit

Start an Apex Learning VS online course whenever it is convenient.

When students need a flexible alternative for taking courses for credit, Apex Learning Virtual School offers the ideal solution. Whether the goal is graduating early, completing prerequisites, being better prepared for college, or making up for time lost due to travel or health issues, our online learning students start any time of year and complete courses on a flexible schedule.

We offer comprehensive accredited courses that are enhanced by a team of experienced teachers.

Online courses to match individual goals and abilities

Whether it’s Advanced Placement® (AP®), Honors, or Core online courses offer different levels of challenge and support to best meet individual student needs. More than 100 accredited high school courses are designed to ensure students achieve their best. NCAA-approved courses help young athletes qualify for college sports.

Innovative, interactive courses created by the online learning experts

Apex Learning VS has been creating effective online learning experiences since 1999, and it shows. Purposeful use of video, audio, animation, and simulation engages students in learning, reinforces content, and taps into individual students’ learning styles.

Ongoing individual support from experienced teachers

Apex Learning VS online teachers support the highest achievement for each student. They know how to guide high school students to success by motivating, communicating with, and engaging them in their learning. We provide the best teachers, all of whom have an average of 21 years of teaching experience with a minimum of 9 years in an online environment.

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