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Advanced Learning

Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) offers advanced learning options for students looking to take the next step in their education. Enroll your student in our rigorous honors-level courses—and College Board-approved Advanced Placement® (AP) courses—to help them prepare for college and beyond.

AP® and Honors Courses at ALVS

Apex Learning honors and AP courses are both designed to provide rigorous and challenging educational opportunities for high school students. The key difference between them is the level of difficulty and the potential for earning college credit:

Honors Courses feature content and course work that is more advanced than standard classes, and they are intended to prepare students for college-level studies. 

AP Courses go beyond honors classes by teaching college-level material, and culminate in a standardized exam that students can take to earn college credit. 

Whether your child is aiming to boost their GPA, get ahead on college credits or just looking for a more in-depth learning experience, Apex Learning honors and AP courses can help them achieve their goals.

Elevate Your Learning and Prepare for College

Challenge your student to enhance their skills, and help set them up for success on their path toward graduation and college. 

Enhance Your Transcript

AP and honors-level courses can improve the strength of your student's transcript and help their college applications stand out.

Earn College Credit

Your student can earn college credit by completing an AP course and passing the exam—which can lead to early college graduation and lower tuition costs.

Access to Courses Not Offered at Your School

Regardless of your geographic location, you can choose from our catalog of AP and honors courses that may not be offered at your local school.

Work With Certified, Experienced Teachers

Our experienced educators have a deep understanding of the AP curriculum and exam requirements, and help prepare your student for the test.

AP and Honors Courses

ALVS Prepares Students For AP Exam Success

With our dedicated team of experienced AP teachers, a suite of digital tools and resources, and engaging College Board approved courses, ALVS ensures students feel prepared and confident to take the AP exam.


Higher AP Scores than National Average

Of the top 5 AP courses taken by ALVS students, the percentage of students who earned a 3 or higher exceeded the national average by as much as 18%.


Average Score on All AP Exams

ALVS students earned an average score of 3.2 on all AP exams taken, nearly .3 points higher than the 2022 national average.


Average Score on 68% of AP Exams

ALVS students earned scores of 3 or higher on 68% of all AP exams taken, 8% higher than the 2022 national average.

The ALVS courses were awesome. They make it very easy to learn, and I was able to reference nearly everything for the AP exam directly from the course. I would recommend ALVS AP courses to anyone who is interested in advanced course work.

Ryan Q., ALVS student

Explore Courses by Subject


Apex Learning offers science courses for middle and high school with honors and AP® options. Students will develop critical-thinking skills and apply scientific knowledge through various activities.

Social Studies

Our social studies courses cover topics including civics, U.S. history, and world history. For students seeking online options, our catalog includes microeconomics, macroeconomics, AP® psychology, and U.S. government and politics.

World Languages

Whether your child is interested in learning Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, or Latin, our engaging and interactive courses prepare students to communicate effectively in today's global society.

Career and Technical Education

Apex Learning career and technical education (CTE) courses connect state, industry, and national standards with real-world skills to prepare students for success in their careers and further education.


Apex Learning online English courses are designed to engage middle and high school students with interactive and challenging coursework that will help them excel in reading, writing, and critical thinking.


Apex Learning offers a comprehensive range of math courses including foundational middle school math and AP® calculus, ensuring that your child has the courses needed and the skills to tackle any math challenge that comes along.

Electives & More

Discover the fun and engaging world of Apex Learning's electives, including health, physical education, and art courses. Electives are a great way to expand your child's horizons beyond traditional academic subjects.

Transfer Credits and Request Transcripts with Ease

ALVS is nationally accredited by Cognia® and approved by the College Board, which means the credits students earn through our courses are widely accepted and easy to transfer.

Learn More About Transferring Credits

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