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Prepare your child for success in their courses or college readiness exams with Apex Learning Tutorials. These self-paced, online Tutorials are comprehensive, backed by research and tailored to your child's individual learning needs.

Discover and Address Your Child's Learning Gaps

Tutorials start with a pretest, and create an individualized learning plan for your child. Whether your child needs to close learning gaps or is looking to gain confidence, they’ll receive the targeted, grade-level instruction and extra practice they need to pass their course or test the first time.

Note: Tutorials are most effective when taken alongside our Individual Courses for middle school and high school, or in conjunction with courses your student is taking at their school. Tutorials are non-credit bearing supplemental learning tools.  

Why Choose Tutorials?

Apex Learning Course Tutorials and College Test Prep Tutorials are designed to help your child pass a course, feel ready for their next class and succeed on high-stakes tests.

Close Learning Gaps

Course Tutorials assess your student’s mastery of grade-level skills and provide personalized remediation to quickly close readiness gaps.

Build College Readiness

College Test Prep Tutorials offer targeted instruction, practice and review to help your student feel more confident and prepared for the ACT® and SAT® exams.

Build Confidence

Your student can sharpen their skills during the school year or review concepts over the summer to meet grade-level expectations and build a foundation for success.

Learn in New Ways

By completing short, focused activities, your student will interact with ideas differently—deepening their understanding and reinforcing foundational skills.

Course Tutorials

Last year my daughter was struggling to keep up in school and getting frustrated. We used Apex Learning to supplement her class in school, and it really helped her to master the material. She is doing better this year, and building on what she learned last year.

Kevin K., ALVS Parent

How Tutorials Work

Apex Learning Tutorials provide a flexible, modular structure that identifies your child’s learning gaps and allows them to focus on concepts that they need to master—at their own pace.

ALVS SAT® Tutorials Prep Students for Test Success

Apex Learning SAT® Test Prep Tutorials have been proven to significantly improve student performance across reading, writing and language, and mathematics.

ALVS Test Prep Tutorials

Prepare for the ACT® and SAT® exams with Apex Learning College Test Prep Tutorials! Our targeted tutorials equip students with the skills, confidence, and mastery to be fully prepared and confident on exam day.

ACT® Tutorials Help Students Improve Scores

Apex Learning ACT® Test Prep Tutorials have been shown to significantly improve student performance across English, reading, and mathematics sections of the ACT.

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