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Full-Time School

Application & Enrollment

Ready to apply to our online high school? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete our online application.
  2. Using our Transcript Request Form, fill out your Parent/guardian and student information and send the completed form to your student’s previous school(s) of record.
  3. Within one week from receiving your transcript and online application, ALVS will send you a comprehensive credit evaluation that outlines your student’s academic standing and suggested courses for enrollment with ALVS.

Since ALVS offers weekly enrollments throughout the year, we pride ourselves on our efficiency to meet your student’s needs in a time-sensitive manner. If you have questions about the Full Time Program, feel free to reach out to our Program Coordinator at

Annual tuition is $6,875

Payment plans and

Scholarships are available.

90% passing rate
students choose when and where they study
ALVS students score 15% higher on SAT tests than the national average

Our Student Support System

Our staff is focused on your student’s success.  Teachers provide students with detailed feedback throughout the course and are available via phone or video conference to support your student with specific questions.   

Counselors will continually monitor your student’s progress and performance. Plus, we provide parents and guardians with their own online account they can use to monitor their student’s grades and course progress.  Our proactive approach ensures students make progress in their courses, earn credits, earn their high school diploma, and enter college with the skills they need to continue to succeed.  

Our teachers and counselors forge strong relationships with each student, appreciating each student’s unique academic situation and background. While there are many programs to choose from, our online high school can give you the experience your student is looking for – an affordable, rigorous, and supported education.

Our Results 

Our students demonstrate their academic readiness by their performance on standardized tests. In 2016-17 our full-time students scored 15% higher than the national average on the SAT for both the Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing sections of the test. In 2016-17, 65% of students who took our Advanced Placement® courses scored a 3 or higher on the corresponding AP® test – 5% highe