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Tips for Success: How to Prepare for the AP® Exam

Tips for Success: How to Prepare for the AP® Exam

5 Tips for Succeeding on the AP® Exam

Many students struggle to perform well on Advanced Placement® exams (AP Exam). Whether they take online classes or take the course in a traditional school, the AP® test challenges students. Here are five ways students can prepare for their AP® exam.

  1. Take Notes
  2. Stay on Track for the AP Exam
  3. Develop a Routine
  4. Practice with AP Practice Tests
  5. Join a Study Group

1. Take Notes

AP Exam TipsGood note taking is a crucial skill for success in AP® classes. Writing notes forces students to clarify the main takeaways from each lesson. Furthermore, when students rephrase their ideas in their own words, they make stronger connections to the material. Additionally, these notes make great study material when it comes time to prepare for the AP® exam.

2. Stay on Track for the AP Exam

Completing assignments on time is especially important in AP® courses. The AP® exam tests students on material they learn over the course of a year: trying to squeeze all the knowledge in last minute won’t lead to a good score!

AP® classes are more rigorous than regular high school courses, so it is even more important to stay on track. You don’t want to be the one trying to cram all the material in the night before the test. There is simply too much information to learn it all last minute.

3. Develop a Routine

Study routines are an effective method of working through challenging courses. It is easier to study every day if students develop a habit of completing work at the same time and in the same place.

Creating a place that is meant for solely for studying can help productivity. Conversely, studying in bed or on the couch is more difficult because these may also be the places to enjoy sleep or entertainment. This makes distraction more likely and leads to a less productive study time.

4. Practice AP Tests

The AP® exam is an arduous test. It last several hours, with only short breaks for recovery. Just as distance runners prepare for a race by developing stamina through training beforehand, so should students train for the AP® exam. Taking practice exams with the same break times can help students reduce the fatigue they feel during the real thing.

5. Study Group

Finding a study group is a great way to prepare for the AP® exam. The process of collaboration allows students to see how their peers understand different concepts, which in turn leads to a deeper comprehension of the material.

Furthermore, one great technique for understanding complex ideas is to teach them to others. This method of learning, known as the Feynman technique, is popular among medical school students. Their qualification exams are highly demanding, thus they use the best methods around to prepare.

A study group is a great place for students to teach new material to each other. Students can further their own understanding of their AP® classes in the process.

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