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How Xavier Worthy Reclassified and Landed in the Endzone Ahead of Schedule

How Xavier Worthy Reclassified and Landed in the Endzone Ahead of Schedule

Nicky Jones, mother to wide receiver at the University of Texas Xavier Worthy, shares their story of how ALVS helped Xavier finish high school early, reclassify, and follow his dreams of becoming a collegiate athlete. She loves football and is passionate about supporting athletes through their college journey and beyond.

By: Nicky Jones

Like most high school student-athletes at the end of their junior year, Xavier was excited to begin his senior year and eventually head off to college to pursue his academic and athletic dreams. Then COVID hit.

This drastically changed our plans and forced Xavier to make some very tough decisions. One of those decisions was to forgo his senior year, graduate high school early and head off to college as an early enrollee. His current high school did not allow seniors to graduate early, and I had no idea where to start when it came to online learning programs. It was very important to me that Xavier went to a school knowledgeable in all NCAA rules, guidelines, and eligibility requirements for high school athletes who plan to enroll in a 4-year university.

I did some asking around, and someone recommended ALVS.  After researching their website and speaking directly with one of their Program Coordinators, I decided to enroll Xavier in the ALVS program. Their staff worked directly with the Director of Recruiting at the university Xavier planned to attend, to ensure the proposed class schedule met all NCAA academic eligibility requirements. Xavier’s instructors were great to work with! The online classroom and coursework were simple and easy to follow. His Student Success Advisor and instructors were readily available to answer any questions I had. They also frequently communicated his progress throughout his time enrolled. Once his classes were completed, again, ALVS worked with the university to provide required documents, final transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc., to help complete his college enrollment.

Getting your student-athlete to the next level can be very stressful! ALVS helped relieve some of that stress. They answered all my questions, addressed my concerns, and ensured my son successfully completed his high school requirements. Xavier was able to head off early to college as planned, and the rest is history!

ALVS is so proud to recognize our student-athlete graduates and is looking forward to following Xavier's football journey.  

To learn more about how ALVS supports student-athletes and gives them the flexibility to succeed in their sports, please visit our Student-Athlete page. 

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