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Q&A with Luke Antonacci: ALVS Graduate Success Story

Q&A with Luke Antonacci: ALVS Graduate Success Story

Luke Antonacci, ALVS student-athlete graduate and right-handed defensemen for the Sioux City Musketeers, is headed to the USHL Clark Cup Championship with his team this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. He previously played for the Maine Nordiques of the NAHL which allowed him to advance to the USHL and now he's committed to play at the University of Maine in the fall. We had the opportunity to interview him and have a Q&A session before all the excitement of this weekend.

Q: How are you feeling about playing in the Clark Cup?

A: The feeling of being part of a special group of players that all have the same determined mindset is extremely motivating. Our team has become more closely-knit as we have gone through each round of the playoffs, there isn’t much we wouldn’t do for each other. It’s a privilege to be playing in the Clark Cup Finals, as there aren’t many players that have the opportunity to compete for such a high praised accolade, so I try my best to enjoy the moments. Although it has been a long grind to get where we are, it is certainly worth the reward. Winning a championship will last a lifetime.

Q: What position do you play? Where are you hoping to play in the future? Do you have any college or NHL plans?

A: I am right-handed defensemen, committed to the University of Maine. I am enrolled for this fall, so my participation with the Sioux City Musketeers will unfortunately only last one year. I look to contribute in creating a championship contending team at the University of Maine, with long-term goals of playing professional hockey.

Q: How was your experience as a student athlete with ALVS? 

A: My experience with ALVS was amazing. Being able to complete my classes at my own pace worked extremely well with my athletic schedule when I played for the Maine Nordiques last season.  With academic flexibility i was able to focus on helping the Maine Nordiques secure the East Division championship, and advance to the NAHL Robertson Cup semifinals in 2021.  I was given the ability to choose courses that were interesting to me, while also achieving the credits I needed to graduate. Through Apex Learning, I was able to successfully time manage and complete my daily tasks conveniently throughout my personal schedule.

We are so proud of Luke and all our amazing ALVS student-athletes and graduates. ALVS wishes Luke and The Sioux City Musketeers good luck this weekend at the Clark Cup Championship!

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