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Student Spotlight

Student Athlete, Reese D.

Student Athlete, Reese D.

ALVS Virtual High School

Flexibility & Personalized Scheduling for Students

Student athlete Reese, is a competitive junior golfer who wanted the time to practice and work out regularly. Moreover, public school just didn't offer her flexibility to practice her sport. However, she wanted to stay on-track for graduation. Reese heard about ALVS and the flexibility it provides student athletes. She enrolled in our full-time academy.

ALVS gives Reese the flexibility to study any time, and any place that works for her. Finally, Reese feels she's learning more than she did in a traditional school setting.


"I definitely believe that I'm learning a lot better than I was in public schools. I feel like the topics are explained a lot better. A piece of advice that I would give to other students is to definitely go ahead and try [ALVS] it."

ALVS offers the following:

For Student Athletes

ALVS is a preferred online course provider of the NCAA. Our staff is knowledgeable about NCAA rules and regulations.  Our students have the flexibility they need to complete courses on time. Students can accelerate or slow down their pace to fit in training, travel and competitions.

Find out more about our NCAA approved courses...

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with an exceptional educational experience. Furthermore, our school meets the highest scholastic standards. Each course is developed by a team of experts. The team includes curriculum professionals, instructional designers, subject-matter experts, and assessment specialists. Finally, the ALVS team collaborates to challenge and motivate students.

Courses are developed to cover the content students need to master for college. For student-athletes, we offer more over 100 NCAA approved courses. Additionally, we offer extra help in real-time from certified teachers Monday-Friday.

Keys to Student Success

In fact, we understand non-traditional learners, leading non-traditional lives! Equally important, we know how to support parents in this journey as well. Learn more about our full-time program here.

Enroll today. Call 206-489-1079.

Find out more about our NCAA approved courses...

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