Personal Communication

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Course Overview

Personal Communication is a one semester course that teaches students how to become effective at verbal and nonverbal expression. In a rapidly changing world filled with constantly evolving technology, social media, and social networking, students need skills to send clear verbal and nonverbal messages and adapt those messages to multiple contexts. Students need to prepare to identify, analyze, develop, and evaluate communication skills in personal, academic, and professional interactions.

Major topics in Personal Communication include intrapersonal and interpersonal interaction, informal communication and interviewing, and preparing and delivering informal, informational, and persuasive addresses. Students also engage in recognizing bias, elements of ethical communication, conflict resolution, evaluating media messages, group dynamics, and participate in peer review.

Course Details

Grade Levels
High School
Course Length

Single Semester: Courses have a maximum duration of 18 weeks per semester.

Required Materials


  • Business productivity-type software, such as Microsoft Office

Course Units & Syllabus

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