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Credits and Transcripts

Get Credit Authorization

ALVS provides choices.In the past 5 years, all part-time ALVS students that passed one of our courses received a school credit if they were currently enrolled in a local high school.

If you wish to confirm your student’s eligibility for credit at your local school, either call the school counselor for verbal confirmation, or email them the Course Credit Authorization Form.  This form provides information local schools can use to ensure they will include ALVS’s courses on their transcripts.

After your student has completed their ALVS course, they can request a transcript to be emailed or mailed to their school through Parchment (see Request A Transcript, below).  The school, as the credit-granting institution, can then add the grade to the student’s official transcript and assign appropriate credit.

Request A Transcript

All transcripts for ALVS courses are available through Parchment, the industry leader in education credentials technology. Parchment is approved and used widely by the NCAA. It is secure, transcripts take 1 to 2 days to process, and you can check in online to view the progress of the transaction.

You can use Parchment to order transcripts for multiple institutions at once (including NCAA), get an automatic personal copy, and track your transcript. Each Parchment eTranscript costs $5.20, and hard copies cost $7.70.

Use the email address that is associated with your ALVS account to set up a Parchment account. Be sure to enter your student’s username in the Student ID field.

Already have a Parchment account? Click here to sign in and request a transcript.

For further instructions on how to order a transcript, click here.

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