Enhance your homeschooling curriculum during high school with teachers who are experts in their disciplines.

Partner with ALVS to support homeschooling during the high school years. The ALVS team of experienced teachers and catalog of accredited online courses provide a solution for more complex high school subjects, including higher-level math, lab sciences, and world languages, as well as honors and Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses. Choose from over 100 individual courses to supplement the homeschooling curriculum.

Accredited online high school content is an ideal fit with the homeschooling model.

Comprehensive online courses — on a homeschooler’s schedule

It can be a challenge to deliver advanced high school material to homeschool students. Choose our academically excellent online courses and you’ll have all that’s needed to successfully finish high school at home. Whether the course is Advanced Placement® (AP®), honors, or core, students can start any time of year and complete coursework as it fits their schedule.

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Ongoing individual support from expert teachers

Our teachers challenge, support, and build relationships with eac