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Montgomery Township School District

ALVS Retake Recovery Right

Apex Learning is partnering with your school district to offer online courses at a discounted price of $330 per semester course — just for parents of your district.

ALVS helps thousands of students earn credits each year with our flexible online courses. ALVS is partnering with the Montgomery Township School District, to provide online learning opportunities to students and align with district’s mission of empowering every student to succeed in a diverse, dynamic, global society by providing quality educational experiences in a caring environment.

Summer Course Catalog

Students can earn original credits at an accelerated pace over the summer with our flexible online courses. Single-semester summer courses are nine weeks—but can be extended upon request. Click the links below to view course details and learn how to enroll.

Math Science World Languages
Algebra I Biology Spanish I
Geometry Chemistry in the Earth System Spanish II
Algebra II Environmental Science
Probability and Statistics Physical Science

English Social Studies
English 9 US History to the Civil War
English 10 US History since the Civil War
English 11 Modern World History from 1450
English 12 Financial Literacy

What I like best about the ALVS course that I took was how it was so easy for me to balance both my summer activities while improving my education.

Emma P., ALVS student

Reach Summer Goals in Less Time at ALVS

Supported by experienced teachers, our courses provide a high-quality online learning experience that prepares students for success in college and beyond.


Certified teachers provide guidance, personalized feedback and Live Help to keep them on track. Thoughtfully designed courses include helpful tips and learning supports alongside lessons.


Your child chooses when, where, and how fast they work with a recommended schedule and teachers to help them stay on track. Students have 24/7 course access.


Apex Learning courses engage and encourage students to participate actively in their lessons. Interactive resources are included throughout to promote exploration and critical thinking skills.

Support for Your Success

At ALVS, students and their families are supported by our dedicated faculty and staff throughout enrollment. Experienced ALVS teachers communicate with parents and students and offer individualized feedback on assignments, monitor student progress, and provide 1:1 support. The Student Services team is also available to help families maximize their learning experience. With ALVS, students receive the support they need to succeed in their online learning journey.