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NCAA Athletes

ALVS has 100+ NCAA approved online courses that meet Core NCAA® eligibility requirements, so they can play in Division 1 or 2 collegiate athletics. Your student can be one of the thousands of student-athletes nationwide.

ALVS is a trusted online course provider of the NCAA. Our staff has worked hard to be knowledgeable around NCAA rules and regulations. ALVS students enjoy the flexibility they need to complete courses according to their schedule. Students can accelerate or slow down their pace to accommodate training, travel and competitions.

We offer the following:

  • 100+ NCAA-approved online courses
  • Flexible course scheduling and 24/7 access
  • Engaging, interactive curriculum
  • Academic Counseling to ensure NCAA Eligibility
  • Scheduled teacher video chat or calls
  • Live chat with tutors for immediate support

Our Head of Academic Advising, Joseph O’Leary, served 3 years (2014-16) on the NCAA National High School Advisory Council and is now an alumni member of their National High School Advisory Board. He is well versed in the rules and expectations that NCAA has regarding both student eligibility and nontraditional course programs.  Joe will use his 10+ years of virtual school experience to work with you and your student to map out an academic plan that will leads them to success.

Official Education Partner of the NAHL Since 2014

Grace Wey – ALVS Grad and Elite Swimmer

Since 2014, ALVS has been the exclusive online program for the North American Hockey League. Hundreds of Student Athlete hockey players from the league have used ALVS either as their school of record or for Single Enrollment Courses. Whether at a training center, on the road, or at home, high school students playing hockey complete course work using a timetable and location that best fits with their travel