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New Jersey Credit Recovery Courses

Apex Learning is excited to partner with your child’s school district to offer a parent-paid summer school program for credit recovery. This program includes unique 10-week courses just for parents of your district.

Prescriptive Courses for Credit Recovery
Each 10-week course includes a unit pretest that is based on the content standards a student is expected to master. The pretest is used to determine what the student has already learned and what they still need to work on. An individualized learning plan is generated and the student will only work on the material they have yet to master.

Flexible Scheduling
• 24/7 access to digital curriculum allows students to choose when and where they work.
• Customized 10-week course meets back-to-school deadlines.

Student Supports
• Rigorous curriculum that promotes active learning is delivered in manageable chunks and includes embedded supports.
• Live Help from certified teachers is available Monday-Friday.
• Certified teachers provide guidance and personalized feedback.

Math Science English
Algebra I Biology English 9
Geometry Chemistry English 10
Algebra II Environmental Science English 11
Probability and Statistics Physics English 12
Physical Science

Social Studies World Languages Electives
Economics Spanish I Health
U.S. History Spanish II
U.S. Government & Politics
World History