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Leadership Team


A Letter from Our Head of School

At Apex Learning Virtual School, we offer our students a new way to prepare for college, work, and life.

The foundation of our full-time educational program is built on high expectations for academic rigor both in our online curriculum and in student interactions with experienced teachers. We’ve designed our online courses, projects, clubs, and activities to fully engage students in their learning and school community.

Very important to us is building the important skills and personal qualities that today’s students need for success. As we teach and mentor, we always have in mind the goal to develop:

  • Confident and responsible scholars
  • Independent thinkers
  • Creative problem solvers
  • Effective communicators and collaborators
  • Resilient and adaptive people
  • Media-literate citizens

Our expert faculty, counselors, and administrators look forward to helping students achieve academically and personally. We are here to support each student every step of the way.

Erica Carlson
Director of School
Apex Learning Virtual School

Our Leadership Team

I cannot thank you enough for all your help. Your kind words had encouraged me to do my best. The subjects were unfamiliar to me and honestly, I was not confident that I could pull this through, but in the end I did. Importantly, I have learned a lot of things. For this, I would always be grateful to you.

- Yae J. (Student)