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Online High School Course Description

Prerequisites: Introductory Algebra

Our online Liberal Arts Mathematics 2 course addresses the need for a course that meets graduation requirements and focuses on reinforcing, deepening, and extending a student’s mathematical understanding. Liberal Arts Mathematics 2 starts with a review of algebraic concepts before moving on to a variety of key algebraic, geometric, statistical and probability concepts. Throughout the course, students hone their computational skills and extend their knowledge through problem-solving and real-world applications.

Course topics include analysis of quadratic, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions, arithmetic and geometric sequences, trigonometry and trigonometric functions, coordinate geometry and proofs, statistical analysis, experimental design and applications of probability.

Within each Liberal Arts Mathematics 2 lesson, students are supplied with a scaffolded note-taking guide, called a Study Sheet, and are given ample opportunity to practice computations in low-stakes Checkup activities before moving on to formal assessment. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to formulate and justify conclusions as they extend and apply concepts through printable exercises and “in-your-own-words” interactive activities.

This course is built to Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Benchmarks.