Supplemental Online Curriculum for Grades 6-12

Does your student struggle in a particular subject? Or, are you worried that your student hasn’t mastered the skills they need to succeed in the next grade level?

With Tutorials, your student can close learning gaps and increase mastery without relying on you to be an expert in middle school and high school curriculum. Whether your student is working at grade-level or looking to gain confidence, Tutorials provide the targeted instruction and extra practice they need to be successful in subsequent courses.

Use Tutorials as a supplement to ensure that your student is prepared for next school year by having them work on them during the unprecedented school closures related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Or, use Tutorials as a review tool over the summer to make sure your middle schooler is ready for high school academics. Homeschoolers can also use Tutorials as supplemental curriculum.

How Tutorials Work

Focused Practice

The topical design of Tutorials allows your student to focus on what they need to learn, not what they already know. Your student can dive right into a topic, or if they know some of the material already, they can skip ahead to the material they need to learn.

Close the Gaps

Unit pretests generate an individualized learning plan for your student. This plan includes Supporting Topics to help your student close learning gaps from grades 3-12. Lessons are interactive, aligned to state standards, and provide real-time feedback so that your student can understand what they’ve mastered and where they still need to do some work.

Engaging Learning Activities

You student can choose how they master concepts and practice skills according to how they learn best. A variety of short, focused activities in each module provide opportunities for your student to interact with concepts in a new way, deepen understanding, and review foundational concepts:

  • Learn It – interactive exercises and real-life examples
  • Try It – check understanding and build confidence
  • Review It – watch a short instructional video
  • Test It – evaluate mastery of module objectives


Your student can work on Tutorials independently, and at their own pace. Tutorials are designed to be flexible so that your student can have a personalized learning experience based on what they know, what they don’t, and how they prefer to learn.

24/7 Access

Your student can use any device with an internet connection to access Tutorials. And, your student can start their Tutorial anytime during the year.


Our team of Student Services Specialists are here to help your student with questions via phone, email, or chat.