ALVS Student Spotlight: Grace Wey, Elite Swimmer

How Grace Earned Her High School Diploma and a Spot on the Texas A&M Women’s Swim Team  

High school students across the United States are passionate about playing sports. But, it is difficult to excel in both athletics and academics on a traditional high school schedule that requires student-athletes to be in a classroom from 7am – 3pm.

That’s why elite athletes turn to non-traditional options like online high school to get a great education that works with their athletic schedule, not against it.  Grace Wey from Sugar Land, Texas is one of those student-athletes who struggled to balance the demands of her local high school with competitive swimming.

Grace and her parents decided she needed to switch to a school that could give her the flexibility she needed to train while getting a good education. After a lot of research and trying another private online high school, the Wey family decided that earning a high school diploma at Apex Learning Virtual School was the best fit for Grace’s senior year.

While attending ALVS, Grace was able to get faster and improve her ranking from 260 to 130. As a result, she earned a spot on the No. 9 ranked Texas A&M women’s swim team. We are so proud of Grace for graduating early from ALVS in April, giving her a much-deserved break between high school and college. She begins training with the Texas A&M swim team at the end of May.

An Interview with ALVS Graduate Grace Wey and Mom Karen

Earlier this month, I interviewed Grace and her mom, Karen Wey, to hear more about their experience with ALVS.

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  • they chose ALVS as their private online high school.