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Are you concerned that your student won’t be ready for next school year?

Are you concerned that your student won’t be ready for next school year?

If you are, you are certainly not alone. With so many students now out of school, and no return date in sight, that is a legitimate concern. Many districts are working on providing access to digital curriculum during the pandemic, but that is also creating its own challenges.

In the short-term, you are likely wondering if your student will get credit for the work they are doing at home during school closures. In the long-term, you are probably concerned about the impact on your student’s learning this year and how successful they will be next year.

Fortunately, we now offer Tutorials, a supplemental online curriculum for grades 6-12. Whether your student is working at grade-level, or looking to gain confidence, Tutorials gives your student the targeted instruction and extra practice they need to close learning gaps, master skills, and be successful next year.

Tutorials is topic-based and can be easily used to complement the courses and learning programs provided by your school or district. If your student is struggling in a certain subject or needs more instruction to grasp certain concepts, they can get extra support from Tutorials.

Featuring the following four key components, Tutorials can be used as a supplemental learning option to keep your student learning at home during these very unusual times.

Supplemental curriculum for grades 6-12

1) Focused Practice

Tutorials are designed by topics, rather than full courses, which allows your student to focus specifically on what they need to learn, rather than spending time on content they have already mastered. Your student can dive right into a topic, and if they know some of the material already, they can skip ahead to what they need to learn.

2) Close Learning Gaps

Unit pretests generate an individualized learning plan for your student that are developed based on what your student needs to learn. The plan includes supporting topics from grades 3-12 to help your student close learning gaps from previous grades. Lessons are interactive, aligned to state standards, and provide real-time feedback so that your student can understand what they’ve mastered and where they still need to improve.

3) Engaging Curriculum

Your student can choose how they master concepts and practice skills according to how they learn best. A variety of short, focused activities in each module provide opportunities for your student to interact with concepts in a new way, deepen understanding, and review foundational concepts:

4) Self-Directed Learning

Your student can work on Tutorials independently and at their own pace. Tutorials are designed to be flexible so that your student can have a personalized learning experience based on what they know, what they don’t, and how they prefer to learn.

To learn more about Tutorials or to enroll your student, visit:

And, check out these Review It videos from some of our high school Tutorials:

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