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Constitution Day: Here’s What You Need to Know

Constitution Day: Here’s What You Need to Know

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, designated by Congress, is a national holiday commemorating the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787, and recognizing all U.S. citizens. This year, 235 after the signing, Constitution Day presents the opportunity to not only recognize our history but also reflect on the current climate of our nation and the ways we have changed. Below is a list of facts and reflection questions to consider this Constitution Day. 

The most recent amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed 30 years ago in 1992. Based on today’s culture/climate, do you think a new amendment should be considered? If so, what do you think the 28th amendment should address?

Want to know more? Explore the following resources to learn more about the U.S. Constitution!

Civics for All of US (National Archives) – Webinars on Constitutional Topics for Grades K–-12

The Constitution (The White House)

The Amendment Process (Truman Library)

How things have changed in Philadelphia since the 1787 convention (National Constitution Center)

This blog was guest written by two ALVS virtual teachers Cindy Andrade and Laura Johnson.  

Cindy Andrade has been a teacher for over 10 years and has spent her career teaching social studies for both middle and high school students.  

Laura Johnson has been in education for almost 40 years and teaches all subjects in history, including U.S. History, World History, and AP courses.

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