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A Guide to Credit Recovery Programs for Students

A Guide to Credit Recovery Programs for Students

Enjoy flexible learning options that suit your needs. Here’s what you need to know about the credit recovery courses at Apex Learning Virtual School. 

If you need flexible learning courses for this season of your educational career, you’re not alone. Credit recovery options empower students like you to retake courses to boost their GPA, or to meet any gaps in credit hours that are needed for graduation. 

Apex Learning Virtual School offers a range of flexible course options as a part of its credit recovery program, working with you to meet your individual educational needs. Read on to learn more about credit recovery programs, and how you can benefit.

How Long Does Credit Recovery Take? 

Credit recovery is an extremely individualized experience. Your recovery duration will generally depend on the subject and the course itself. Credit recovery programs are designed to fit in a condensed, flexible format, supporting students who are working to recover credits in between busy school and work schedules. 

With this in mind, students going through the Apex Learning Virtual School credit recovery program can expect to be done in 10 weeks or less. 

If you have questions about a specific program or subdivision, be sure to connect with your academic advisor. They can give you exact timelines for the specific courses that you’re considering taking. 

How to Find Credit Recovery Programs 

Considering enrolling in a credit recovery program? You’re in great company. Apex Learning Virtual School offers a range of flexible course options as a part of our credit recovery program; including comprehensive NCAA-specific courses for student athletes and an expansive library of credit recovery sources by subject. The courses in Apex Learning’s credit recovery program are tailored to the needs of the student, focusing on the exact material they need to succeed and thrive in a specific course. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options as you search for a credit recovery program. Don’t worry though—we’re here to help! As you search, try looking for the following three qualities: 

If you have questions about our online curriculum, registration process, or credit recovery classes in general, please reach out to our enrollment specialists. They can walk you through exactly what you can expect with Apex Learning’s coursework and deadlines, highlighting the ways you can benefit from our online credit recovery courses. 

Benefits of Credit Recovery Programs 

There are plenty of benefits students can gain by engaging in online credit recovery programs; both during and after the school year. By pursuing this student learning option, learners can: 

How to Transfer Credit Recovery Courses

Need to transfer courses? No problem. Apex Learning keeps your process as smooth as possible, helping you to save time every step of the way. 

Call the registrar for verbal confirmation — Communication is key as you start your transfer process. You can work with the registrar to secure verbal confirmation about your transfer eligibility and any other information you need to know for a successful transfer.

Request a transcript after course completion — Apex Learning works through a service called Parchment to do this in a single, seamless step. All we need from your district is credit authorization—which you can get with a phone call (in most cases). 

Track your transcript to make sure it was delivered to your new school — On average, transcripts take 1-2 business days to process through Parchment. We’ll work with you every step of the way to confirm the secure transfer of your course as it occurs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does credit recovery affect GPA? 

Yes they do—but not negatively. Credit recovery courses are meant to be safe for your GPA; and won’t “pull it down.” If anything, you’ll get a boost from the grade that you receive once your course is finished, and it may replace any poor grades you had before in the same course. 

Why is credit recovery important? 

Credit recovery is designed to exclusively benefit the student—empowering them to progress more efficiently in their educational journey, and allowing them to make up for any poor grades they’ve gotten along the way. The flexibility and tailored nature of credit recovery options help students to fall in love with learning—and that’s always something to celebrate. 

Who is eligible for credit recovery programs? 

Nearly all students are eligible for credit recovery programs. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please speak with your school counselor or admissions officers. They can help you to determine what courses are best for you based on your specific needs. 

Are there any potential risks or drawbacks to participating in a credit recovery program? 

There are no risks to participating in credit recovery programs. They are GPA-neutral (meaning that there is no ill-effect from credits earned via this educational pathway)—you only stand to benefit. 

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