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Two Teachers Share Insights on Credit Recovery at ALVS

Two Teachers Share Insights on Credit Recovery at ALVS

Meet ALVS educators Mrs. Sharyl George and Dr. Ole Sheldon, each a seasoned teacher possessing 19 years of extensive teaching experience. Mrs. George, based in Texas, joined ALVS in 2020, and Dr. Sheldon, based in Florida, joined ALVS in 2018. Individually, they bring a wealth of experience in both virtual and traditional classroom teaching to their roles, offering invaluable insights into the unique opportunities and benefits of ALVS credit recovery programs. We asked them to share their advice on some of the most commonly asked questions from families about ALVS credit recovery courses. Here are their responses:  

What are ALVS credit recovery courses like? How do they differ from traditional courses at ALVS?

Mrs. George sheds light on the structure of credit recovery courses, "Our credit recovery courses are typically 10 weeks [about two and a half months] in duration, whereas our traditional courses are 20 weeks [about four and a half months]. The course essentially chooses which assignments you need to complete based on your preassessment scores. That way, you are not repeating information you already know and will spend your time mastering the skills and concepts you need." 

What are the benefits of taking a credit recovery course online?

Both educators stress the flexibility and adaptability of online credit recovery, allowing students to seamlessly integrate virtual courses with their existing schedules. 

Mrs. George underlines, “[ALVS] courses are available year-round, so you don’t have to worry about registering by a deadline to get the class you need. If a credit recovery course is not available, you can also select a traditional course that can be used for it as well.”  

Dr. Sheldon highlights, "Online credit recovery courses can be taken in conjunction with a brick-and-mortar course. This way, a student that is credit deficient can take the required courses that are needed at the same time they are making up credits for courses that they need to retake."

How do ALVS teachers guide and support students?

Mrs. George and Dr. Sheldon emphasize the pivotal role of teachers in monitoring students’ progress in online courses, providing regular communication, and offering personalized support. 

Mrs. George notes, "We monitor pacing and progress. We issue regular communication. The students have access to our contact information and office hours." 

Dr. Sheldon stresses, "Communication in virtual school is the key, even more so than in brick-and-mortar."

ALVS credit recovery courses are 10 weeks in length. Can students finish their courses in less time?

ALVS credit recovery courses offer students the opportunity to accelerate their progress on a case-by-case basis, tailoring their learning experience to meet their unique needs and pace. 

Mrs. George emphasizes, "We want students to succeed, so it is always our goal to serve them best. We are inclined to explore all options and opportunities to that end." 

Dr. Sheldon elaborates, "Students can test out of entire units and can work at any pace that they would like. If a student wants to work ahead and complete an entire credit recovery course more quickly, they most certainly can."

How do credit transfers and transcripts for credit recovery courses work?

With ALVS, the process of credit transfer and transcript documentation is seamless. 

Dr. Sheldon explains, "Once their grade is recorded by the teacher, the school can request the transcript for the student, and the credit should be added right away to their official transcript." 

Mrs. George details, "When the class is complete and the final grade is posted, students can order their transcripts. Usually, the teachers provide the link with directions."

Do you have any tips you can share for students and families who are enrolled in a credit recovery course at ALVS?

Both educators offer valuable advice for success in ALVS credit recovery courses, emphasizing consistency, communication, and utilization of available resources. 

Mrs. George advises, "Consistency in logging on and completing work is essential. Most importantly, though, is that communication is key! Read everything, click on all links and resources provided, and do know that the teacher is there to help you succeed." 

Dr. Sheldon encourages, "ALVS offers excellent content and support for any student that is considering taking a credit recovery course. . .  This is a great opportunity for students to get back on track, and if you take an ALVS credit recovery course, you are not going to regret your experience."

Embark on Your Credit Recovery Journey with ALVS

ALVS credit recovery courses offer a blend of flexibility, support, and academic rigor, ensuring that students have the resources they need to succeed and prepare for what's next. With dedicated faculty and a dynamic online platform, ALVS stands out as a high-quality choice for students seeking to regain academic momentum and achieve their goals.

Have more questions about credit recovery courses at ALVS? Contact us today to discuss your child’s needs. Explore our credit recovery options, or check out our comprehensive course catalog.

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