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Five Ways You Can Help Your Student Start This Year on a High Note

Five Ways You Can Help Your Student Start This Year on a High Note

When it comes to the first day of school, every TV commercial, Sunday newspaper ad and teen movie pictures it the same way – a student jumps off the bus, gossips with friends at their locker (while dodging some random skateboarder zooming through the hallway), and flashes their brand-new backpack and sneakers.

What they don’t show is the child firing up their computer and jumping online, ready to kick off the new school year with all the same excitement and anticipation for the year ahead.

This year, 5 million students will be learning remotely – double the number in 2019 – and their back-to-school experience should come with all the fanfare their in-person peers experience. So whether your child has attended a virtual school for years or is new to the virtual classroom, here are some ways to ring in the new school year.

After experiencing the benefits of online learning during the pandemic, students who thrive in an independent environment will continue to gravitate toward accredited online virtual schools such as ALVS. Even if their classroom no longer has walls, online students can still experience those important educational milestones like back-to-school celebrations with the support of their parents and caregivers.

To learn more about how ALVS can support your student as they start a new school year, contact our academic advisors today.

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