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How to Keep Your Student Athlete on Track with NCAA Eligibility

How to Keep Your Student Athlete on Track with NCAA Eligibility

As the effects of the pandemic ripple through our education system and the many diverse groups of students it is struggling to serve, we cannot deny the impact it has had on student athletes.

There are nearly eight million students who participate in high school sports in the U.S., and many of them are still sidelined right now due to the pandemic. Understandably, student athletes who thrived on a busy, structured schedule of academics, practice, and competition are eager to get back to their sports after enduring ten months of disruption.

But without the tangible reward of a team practice, a game on the field under the lights, or a cross country meet with hundreds of other runners, many are struggling to stay motivated with academics. However, our message to student athletes who dream of participating in an NCAA school remains the same: Continue to take a minimum of four core courses every school year.

For high school juniors, this is a particularly important time. By the end of junior year (or the sixth semester of high school), student athletes need to have earned ten core credits with seven of them in English, math, and science. Typically, this includes two years of English, math, and science, and one more year of either math or science.

This “10/7” guide is often overlooked when students decide to drop a third year of science or math to make their academic schedule less demanding. However, if student athletes don’t achieve this standard by the beginning of their senior year, they can become ineligible for NCAA sports.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the academic track your student athlete should follow to ensure they’re eligible for NCAA sports by the start of their senior year:

9th Grade: The Planning Year

10th Grade: The Registration Year

11th Grade: The Study Year

12th Grade: The Graduation Year!

This is a proven timeline to ensure your student is eligible to have the incredible opportunity of earning a college education while playing the sport they love.

If you have questions about whether your student athlete is on track with NCAA eligibility requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We support student athletes in almost any sport you can imagine all over the world, and I’m happy to provide you with a complimentary transcript review.

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