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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation

ALVS Online High School Teachers, You Make a Difference

 “The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.” 

- Alexandra K. Trenfor

Thank you ALVS teachers for all you do - from grading work, to providing feedback, and answering countless questions. The work you do with your students is important. You build meaningful relationships with your students without seeing them face-to-face. Your positive impact is evident in the following words of students and parents you have worked with.

“Thank you [Roxanne Nesis] so much for grading all my assignments and giving me tips on how to improve my Spanish! I really learned a lot this semester and now feel confident using Spanish in public scenarios. […] I am going to Mexico over spring break and am excited to try out my Spanish. Thanks again for the great feedback and tips!”

“I'd like to thank you [Danielle McHugh] for whatever miracle you performed that caused Colin to enjoy an English class … Colin talks to me about what he's doing in the class and has been excited about learning

“I would like to say thank you [Melissa Humphrey] for being my teacher in this case. It has a great experience especially because this is my first online class I have ever taken so it has taken a lot of getting used to compared to the traditional classroom. Thank you for being an understanding teacher and grading all my [AP Psychology] assignments! I greatly appreciate it!”

“He is actually enjoying history for the first time … It just goes to show that a teacher [like Kristine Wedington] can reach a student even if they don’t see each other every day in a typical classroom. He will now enjoy history the rest of high school”

 “The teachers have been prompt and helpful and the flexibility it gives us to travel [to the Cayman Islands and Switzerland] … with our family is invaluable.” 

“Mrs. Ojerio has been such a wonderful teacher and has helped Wylee to flourish in a subject that he was nervous to take. She has been super supportive, patient and confident that Wylee will succeed. […] I have no doubt that he is learning and will be successful in high school because of Apex's teachers and curriculum."

Photos included in this post were taken during our April 2018 Instructional Leadership retreat. We took a lovely field trip to the colorful tulip fields in northern Washington state.

School Bus Photos by: Christa Kendall

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