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Tutorials: Close Learning Gaps and Get Ahead This Summer

Tutorials: Close Learning Gaps and Get Ahead This Summer

Students have a variety of needs when it comes to summer learning and there are many different solutions out there to choose from, but sometimes can be  tricky trying to find the best fit. Maybe your student doesn’t need to retake a class because they failed it, but they still need extra practice and support to be successful in the subsequent courses.

Tutorials are a great solution that can meet various student needs over the summer. Tutorials are a self-paced, non-credit-bearing supplemental online curriculum designed to help students close learning gaps, prepare for the fall, and gain confidence with extra practice.

Engaging and Targeted Practice

With targeted instruction and engaging learning activities, Tutorials allow your student to focus on what they need to learn, not what they already know. Your student can dive right into a topic, or if they know some material, they can skip ahead to the material they need to learn. The efficacy of Tutorials is due to the way they are structured. Our Tutorials are broken into four sections:

Close learning gaps

Many students find themselves with some gaps in their learning for various reasons – they just didn’t pick up on a concept in their last class, an illness, or even still struggling after distance learning mandates during the global pandemic. Other students may experience the “summer slide” which is a loss of knowledge gained during the school year as a result of fewer educational activities over the summer. 

Tutorials can be used over the summer as a review tool to ensure that your student is prepared for the next school year and to get ahead of that summer slide. Tutorials have unit pretests that generate individualized learning plans for your student so they can fill those gaps and increase mastery with extra practice. 

Prepare for the fall

Tutorials can help your student master the skills they need to be successful in the next grade level. Whether it's extra practice on foundational skills for Math or brushing up on History before the next school year. We also offer Tutorials for the SAT and ACT exams so students can feel confident when exam day arrives. 

Support and 24/7 Access

We want to make sure your student is successful no matter what. Our team of Student Services Specialists are here to help your student with questions and tutors are available through a live chat on weekdays 5 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sundays 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. PT. Also, with 24/7 access to Tutorials, your student can learn anytime, anywhere. 

Browse our selection of subjects by visiting our Course Catalog and selecting the Tutorials tab. 

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