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Help Your Student Ace End-of-Course Exams with ALVS EOC Tutorials

Help Your Student Ace End-of-Course Exams with ALVS EOC Tutorials

When it comes to end-of-course (EOC) exams, each state has its own standards and measurements, but the pressure to succeed is felt universally by the students who take them.

Depending on where your student learns, the stakes can be especially high. Your student may be required to take EOC tests to receive credit for core classes, with the scores counting toward final grades. Or, assessments may dictate whether or not students have mastered specific content to make a smooth grade-to-grade transition and may even serve as a prerequisite for graduation.

If your student is feeling frazzled this time of year, they are not alone. Researchers found that students’ level of cortisol—the stress hormone—rises 15 percent on average the week standardized tests are administered. And if they’re struggling in a particular subject, their anxiety can skyrocket.

However, when students are well-prepared, they feel more confident going into exams and perform better. And one way to ensure that they’re ready is to invest in EOC Tutorials from ALVS.

How ALVS Tutorials make the difference

ALVS Tutorials are more than a quick refresher on core subjects—they offer interactive lessons aligned to your state’s EOC standards and meet course-level expectations. Through targeted instruction, practice, and review, Tutorials help students prepare for tests and, for those retaking their exams, increase their test scores.

Why are ALVS Tutorials key to student success?

Apex Tutorials are proven to help students boost their learning—not only when it’s time for EOC exams but also throughout the school year. For more information or to enroll your student in our online EOC Tutorials, search our course catalog or call our Student Specialists at 855.550.2547.

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