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Individual Courses

Earn Credits Toward Your High School Diploma

ALVS serves over 20,000 students each year. Our individual courses are fully accredited. Subjects include math, world languages, science, English language arts, and more.  High school students across the country—and internationally—enroll in ALVS to complete Advanced Placement® courses, retake credits, get ahead, or supplement their homeschooling curriculum.

Students can start their courses any day!

Fall and spring sections run 18 weeks per semester, while summer sections condense the same material into nine weeks.  The flexibility of online learning makes it easy for students to work at their own pace. Also, our course calendars can be adjusted for students who need to work ahead.

Tuition is $350 per semester course at ALVS.

For California families:

For acceptance to the University of California (UC), students must complete courses approved by the UC. For a list of approved courses, look for the “UC” symbol in our course catalog or visit this UC-approved course list.

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